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Emma Straub on Creative Ways to Support Binc

Emma Straub is the queen of finding creative ways to support Binc, which in turn helps book and comic sellers in need. We talked to her about why Binc’s mission is so important to her, and about some of those ways she offers support. “Binc got on my radar through Ann Patchett when she did […]

You Are Helping a Family Fight Cancer

Various colors of ribbons for Cancer

All their carefully built plans for the future came to a halt when Carla* heard those two little words: “It’s cancer.” Instead of adding to their savings account, they watched it drain away thanks to the copays, tests, and unpaid time off to attend appointment after appointment. The money that had been put aside for […]

You Provide Access to Mental Health Services

Tensions are high everywhere, and book and comic shop owners and employees are not exempt. In the last month bookstore employees have experienced bomb threats and violent, or even armed, customers. Sadly, these occurrences aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. Some of these events make the local news, but many are not reported. Traumatic […]

You Helped a Bookseller Find Safety & Peace

This month a bookseller struggling with depression and anxiety was among the people you helped. The bookseller was rebuilding their life after fleeing from an abusive relationship but the stress of sleeping on friends’ couches, standing up for their personal safety and the financial cost of finding their own place to live were overwhelming them […]

You Are Helping Rebuild a Life

In addition to the other 220 booksellers and comic shop employees and owners you’ve helped this year, this month you helped a bookseller displaced by fire begin to rebuild their life. Awakened in the middle of the night by alarms and sirens, the apartment’s residents evacuated the building then watched helplessly from across the street […]

You Are Helping Stores Recover From Flooding

Because you stand with Binc, Binc stands ready to help the employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops during and after extreme weather disasters. When the East Coast was hit with a ‘once in a 1,000 years flood’ this month booksellers in Vermont scrambled to get their inventory to safety before evacuating as the […]

You Helped a New Family Stay Snug at Home

This month you helped a family that was blindsided by unforeseen expenses that almost had the new family of three living on the street. The bookseller’s family had been prepared: they had insurance, family members and friends scheduled to help, the bassinet, and the baby swing. What they weren’t prepared for was for all those […]

You Are Giving Peace of Mind

Thank you for giving peace of mind to a frightened bookseller facing an unexpected and terrifying medical diagnosis. A routine exam led to tests, then a biopsy with a devastating cancer diagnosis, and soon a surgery with no guaranteed results. So far, insurance has paid only a portion of the unexpected costs and treatment has […]

You Gave the Gift of Time

This month your support changed the life of a bookseller navigating through a loss that would change their family forever. The bookseller was thousands of miles away from their family when they received the news that their parent’s terminal condition was rapidly worsening. There wasn’t much time and they were needed back home. With a […]

You Help Binc Be A Safety Net

No family should have to decide between putting food on their table or having heat in their home. Or between needed dental work instead of transportation to get to work. Or between medical bills instead of rent. However, over the last month Binc has received calls for help from the heads of families that are […]


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