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You Helped a Bookseller Find Safety & Peace

This month a bookseller struggling with depression and anxiety was among the people you helped. The bookseller was rebuilding their life after fleeing from an abusive relationship but the stress of sleeping on friends’ couches, standing up for their personal safety and the financial cost of finding their own place to live were overwhelming them […]

You Are Helping Rebuild a Life

In addition to the other 220 booksellers and comic shop employees and owners you’ve helped this year, this month you helped a bookseller displaced by fire begin to rebuild their life. Awakened in the middle of the night by alarms and sirens, the apartment’s residents evacuated the building then watched helplessly from across the street […]

Binc and Macmillan Publishers Announce $5,000 Matching Gift to Help Booksellers and Comic Retailers Affected by Devastating Flooding

Ann Arbor, MI—Thanks to Macmillan Publishers, gifts made to the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation will have double the impact. Macmillan will match all gifts, regardless of size, up to $5,000 to meet the increasing needs of bookstore and comic shop employees and owners. At least nine stores have already been impacted by severe flooding […]

Thank You for Helping to Put Food on the Table

It happened again.Once was unusual.Twice was surprising.The third time, though? We knew you’d want to know. Binc’s Program managers contact every person that inquires about help. During the phone conversation they ask open ended questions, among them ‘what are your biggest worries caused by this situation?’ Most often the biggest worry is their upcoming housing […]

You Reminded a Bookseller That They Are Not Alone

It starts with something small. A late payment. An unexpected expense. Then it snowballs and suddenly a bookseller is living in a dark and cold apartment with no heat, light, or running water. This bookseller had been living without water and electricity for six months to keep current on their car payments and rent. They […]

Community Comes Together for a Bookseller

A bookseller on the East Coast experienced the heartbreaking loss of their parent who lived on the West Coast. The challenges of travel across the country during the pandemic, missing work, settling their estate, and the costs to pay for the parent’s funeral, were significantly more than this bookseller could afford. Thoughtful colleagues stepped in and […]

You Helped A Bookseller Find Shelter

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live, but a bookseller found themselves grappling with housing insecurity when their building was unexpectedly sold. Finding a safe place to live was proving impossible since they needed to come up with the necessary cash to cover a security deposit, two month’s rent, and the utility deposit […]

You Helped A Bookseller Put Family First

It’s no secret that single parenting small children is tough under the best of circumstances. When a bookseller, who parents three small children, needed to take a week off work to care for all three of their seriously sick children it sent the family’s financial situation into what could have been a downward spiral. This […]


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