You Helped a Bookseller Find Safety & Peace

This month a bookseller struggling with depression and anxiety was among the people you helped.

The bookseller was rebuilding their life after fleeing from an abusive relationship but the stress of sleeping on friends’ couches, standing up for their personal safety and the financial cost of finding their own place to live were overwhelming them and straining their mental health. They were very close to returning to their abuser.

After many sleepless nights filled with worry and carrying their sadness through the workday, they opened up to their manager about the situation. That manager gave them Binc’s contact information.

The call for help was made and thanks to donors like you, Binc was there to answer. Immediately the bookseller received two free months of therapy with a BetterHelp therapist. In addition, a financial assistance grant for the security deposit and first month’s rent for a safe and affordable apartment ensured they could start rebuilding their life in peace.

Thank you!

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), depression is the most prevalent mental health disorder, with more than 18 million Americans suffering from depression each year. Major depression is the psychiatric diagnosis most associated with suicide, and NIMH estimates less than 25% of individuals with depression receive treatment.

Binc’s Mental Health Wellness program provides two months of professional therapy with a licensed therapist for employees and owners of bookstores and comic shops. It’s simple, easy, and confidential to apply. More information about the Mental Health Wellness program is available here.

Note: The Mental Health Wellness program is not the first step for someone in an active crisis. Anyone in crisis and in need of immediate assistance is encouraged to text the Crisis Text Line. Text Crisis Text Line: Text “DESERVE” TO 741741. They provide free, 24/7 mental health support via text message.

Confidentiality is a core component of any assistance Binc provides. Some events may have been compressed and details might be included from another story to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all those who receive assistance from Binc. Quotes may be edited for length, clarity and to help preserve confidentiality.

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