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You Helped a Bookseller Find Safety & Peace

This month a bookseller struggling with depression and anxiety was among the people you helped. The bookseller was rebuilding their life after fleeing from an abusive relationship but the stress of sleeping on friends’ couches, standing up for their personal safety and the financial cost of finding their own place to live were overwhelming them […]

Mental Health Wellness Program Expands Your Impact

— The bookstore owner opened the front door of the store to find water dripping down the walls from the apartment above the store. Books ruined, carpet sopping wet, ceiling tiles sagging. Hours of work are ahead to open the store for business. As they start calling employees to have all hands report for duty […]

Binc Announces New Mental Health Wellness Program

Ann Arbor, MI – The Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation announces a new Mental Health Wellness program to provide short term support to any employee or owner of U.S. bookstores and comic shops. Binc launched a Mental Health Wellness Pilot Program in February, 2022 in response to feedback on the need for mental health support via its biannual […]

You Are Helping Us Provide Mental Health Support

An employee that was dependable through the worst days of the 2020 and 2021 pandemic store closures suddenly starts coming in late and leaving early because of headaches. A manager that can solve any scheduling problem chokes back bitter retorts when employees request time off for family vacations. Shelving a new shipment, an employee bumps […]


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