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You Helped a New Family Stay Snug at Home

This month you helped a family that was blindsided by unforeseen expenses that almost had the new family of three living on the street. The bookseller’s family had been prepared: they had insurance, family members and friends scheduled to help, the bassinet, and the baby swing. What they weren’t prepared for was for all those […]

You Help Binc Be A Safety Net

No family should have to decide between putting food on their table or having heat in their home. Or between needed dental work instead of transportation to get to work. Or between medical bills instead of rent. However, over the last month Binc has received calls for help from the heads of families that are […]

You Helped Provide A Light in the Darkness

The news is filled with the impact of record rainfall and violent storms around the country. This week several booksellers from California reached out to Binc. This bookseller was frightened; the bookstore was closed due to the widespread electrical failures with no reopening date in sight. Without work there would be no paycheck this week, […]

You Helped A Family Stay Warm & Safe

One small change, like an unexpected increase in monthly utility payments, can set off a ripple effect that overwhelms a family. Last week our program manager got a call from a bookseller that came home to the unwelcome news that their home’s heat and lights would be shut off due to money owed. They had […]


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