You Helped Provide A Light in the Darkness

The news is filled with the impact of record rainfall and violent storms around the country. This week several booksellers from California reached out to Binc.

This bookseller was frightened; the bookstore was closed due to the widespread electrical failures with no reopening date in sight.

Without work there would be no paycheck this week, and due to the power outage there had been no paycheck last week, either.

With no paycheck they wouldn’t be able to pay their rent, let alone their car payment and their utility bills and groceries. The fear and stress kept running around and through their thoughts.

Then they remembered, and called Binc.

Because of you; Binc; the book and comic community’s safety net, is here answering their call with the good news: Help is on the way.

Your support made sure their rent was covered, and gave them peace of mind.

And, because of your support, they also received an offer of 2 months of online, phone & text therapy sessions through BetterHelp. Because when disaster strikes, stress levels climb.

Disasters happen anywhere and anytime.

If you are able to donate now to help with the next extreme weather or personal disaster.

If you know an employee or owner of a bookstore or comic shop that is in unexpected financial difficulty, you can reach out to Binc on their behalf.


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