You Help Binc Be A Safety Net

No family should have to decide between putting food on their table or having heat in their home. Or between needed dental work instead of transportation to get to work. Or between medical bills instead of rent.

However, over the last month Binc has received calls for help from the heads of families that are wrestling with these and other very painful decisions.

It’s been the perfect storm of unseasonably cold temperatures, unexpected weather, rising utility costs, rent hikes, and escalating grocery costs. Small extras are canceled, and families that are used to giving to food banks now instead turn to them for food assistance.

As the booksellers, comic shop employees, and store owners work with Binc’s program manager they share the stress and fear that comes with getting a utility shut off or eviction notice and not knowing where to go for help. Then, a coworker tells them about Binc and they pick up the phone and place a call to Binc.

Thanks to you, Binc is there to answer their calls.

The number of calls for help are increasing. A few years ago a busy week would have been 7-10 calls coming in for help. Now, it can be 13-17 a week, and even up to 7 in just one day. The need for the safety net for the bookselling community, the need for Binc, is stronger than ever.

Thank you for making that safety net strong.


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