You Gave the Gift of Time

This month your support changed the life of a bookseller navigating through a loss that would change their family forever.

The bookseller was thousands of miles away from their family when they received the news that their parent’s terminal condition was rapidly worsening. There wasn’t much time and they were needed back home.

With a budget that was already stretched close to breaking they needed every paycheck for their basic monthly expenses and couldn’t afford to take unpaid time off. They certainly couldn’t afford a cross country trip. But when it’s your parent, when time is running out, how can you stay away?

In the middle of this heartbreaking turmoil, they remembered seeing a Binc Foundation poster at the bookstore. They placed the call for help, Binc’s program manager answered, and together they talked through the situation.

Thanks to you, Binc was there to answer the call.

You made sure that this bookseller was able to spend precious time with their parent. You made sure the things that needed to be said had time to be said, the final time was spent by their side, and they had time to grieve along with their loved ones.

You gave that which can never be replaced; the Gift of Time.

No matter how prepared a person can be, the unexpected can and does happen and life changes in an instant.

When the unexpected happens a safety net is needed. Thank you for making that safety net strong.


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