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You Helped Provide A Light in the Darkness

The news is filled with the impact of record rainfall and violent storms around the country. This week several booksellers from California reached out to Binc. This bookseller was frightened; the bookstore was closed due to the widespread electrical failures with no reopening date in sight. Without work there would be no paycheck this week, […]

Mental Health Wellness Program Expands Your Impact

— The bookstore owner opened the front door of the store to find water dripping down the walls from the apartment above the store. Books ruined, carpet sopping wet, ceiling tiles sagging. Hours of work are ahead to open the store for business. As they start calling employees to have all hands report for duty […]

You Helped A Family Stay Warm & Safe

One small change, like an unexpected increase in monthly utility payments, can set off a ripple effect that overwhelms a family. Last week our program manager got a call from a bookseller that came home to the unwelcome news that their home’s heat and lights would be shut off due to money owed. They had […]

You Gave Hope, After the Devastation

The last thing this family did before evacuating was to take a photo of their home; they didn’t know what they would find when it was safe to return. After driving miles through traffic-clogged streets, they tracked the wrath of Hurricane Ian online and knew it had roared through their neighborhood. Days later, with the […]

Thanks to You, Binc is There to Answer the Call

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Other people are ill, get better, go back to work, and things get back to normal. That’s the way it’s supposed to happen. Sometimes, though; recovery from COVID-19 takes a little longer. Sometimes it takes a lot longer, as it did for this bookseller suffering from Long Covid […]

Thank You for Helping to Put Food on the Table

It happened again.Once was unusual.Twice was surprising.The third time, though? We knew you’d want to know. Binc’s Program managers contact every person that inquires about help. During the phone conversation they ask open ended questions, among them ‘what are your biggest worries caused by this situation?’ Most often the biggest worry is their upcoming housing […]

Thanks to You, Binc Can Provide Critical, Timely Assistance

It took over two years to arrange this bookseller’s surgery. The date was confirmed, their schedule at the store covered, a collection of friends ready to help during recovery, their monthly bills pre-paid thanks to careful saving. The last thing to do was to call and double check their arrival time and check-in. That’s when […]

Thank You for Being a Helper

A bookseller shared that they felt comfortable asking Binc for financial assistance for much-needed dental work because a coworker said Binc had helped them several years ago. Their coworker is a Helper. A comic shop employee completed the Binc/BetterHelp (mental health service pilot program) Inquiry Form because the store owner had posted the information about […]

You Are Helping Us Provide Mental Health Support

An employee that was dependable through the worst days of the 2020 and 2021 pandemic store closures suddenly starts coming in late and leaving early because of headaches. A manager that can solve any scheduling problem chokes back bitter retorts when employees request time off for family vacations. Shelving a new shipment, an employee bumps […]

You Reminded a Bookseller That They Are Not Alone

It starts with something small. A late payment. An unexpected expense. Then it snowballs and suddenly a bookseller is living in a dark and cold apartment with no heat, light, or running water. This bookseller had been living without water and electricity for six months to keep current on their car payments and rent. They […]


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