Escaping in the Nick of Time

A bookseller fleeing from a rapidly moving wildfire was able to pack up some clothing, important documents, and medications, but very little else. Fortunately, they found an available hotel room near the bookstore and Binc was able to help pay for their stay. Little did they know that their family of two adults, two kids, a dog, and three birds would be there for the next twenty-three days!

When they were finally allowed to return to their (undamaged) home, they wrote, “I’m very grateful how fast Binc responded. Even though we were in an uncomfortable and stressful situation, Binc made it possible for me to keep working and supporting my beloved bookstore without any interruption. I can proudly say I belong to a wonderful book community that makes us all feel like a big family with the main goal of helping each other.”

Binc has been able to help a number of booksellers and comic retailers who have evacuated to escape the raging wildfires in the West, not knowing if their homes will survive. While most are able to eventually return to their homes, several booksellers who contacted Binc have lost everything. Binc is continuing to assist these booksellers as they work to put their lives back together after their unspeakable loss.

“I cannot express how this [grant] has helped my store and me personally. I have room to breathe and begin getting back on my feet due to your understanding and generosity. I’m not sure we would have made it . . . had it not been for your assistance. I have no words good enough to express my gratitude. You have made a difference in my life and in the lives of many others and you are appreciated.”

—A Bookseller You Helped (after a wildfire)


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