Binc Awards Denver Publishing Institute Scholarship to Napa Bookseller

ANN ARBOR, MI–Elayna Trucker, a bookseller at Napa Bookmine in Napa, California, has received the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation’s scholarship to attend the Denver Publishing Institute’s (DPI) four-week summer program to learn about the publishing arm of the book industry. The scholarship is offered in collaboration with Sourcebooks and the DPI.

“After nearly 20 years of working in bookstores, I am beyond thrilled to expand my book industry education to include the arena of publishing,” said Trucker. “I’m so excited to attend the Denver Publishing Institute and learn from leaders in the field, as well as my fellow students. I am so grateful to Binc, not just for awarding me the DPI scholarship, but also for the incredible work they do every day to support bookstore and comic book store employees. They are an exemplar of the tangible sense of community we have in the indie book world, and I can’t imagine this industry without them. Thank you to my boss, Naomi Chamblin, who is just about the most supportive manager one could ever hope for, and to the amazing team of booksellers I get to work with every day at Napa Bookmine.”

Worth up to $7,000, the scholarship includes tuition, room and board, and up to $2,000 to cover travel and lost wages.

Photo credit: Jim Hankey


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