Crash Recovery

“After being in a freak bicycling accident in September 2020, I found myself with a huge pile of bills from the hospital, pharmacy, x-ray tech, surgeon, etc. Even after insurance the amount I owed was unmanageable.

Then to top things off, my full-time job laid me off the day after my doctor released me to return to work. Add in pandemic times and it took awhile to find a temp job just to pay basic bills. I was reminded of Binc and filled out the application.

The next day Binc called to get more info. They were incredibly kind and helpful. The day they emailed to say the grant had been approved (which covered nearly half of my medical costs) will forever be one of the best days of my life.

They made the calls to get the payments made on my behalf . . . The amount of stress relieved from this grant is amazing. Once I’m fully back on my feet and have the means, this will be where I send regular donations. It’s my goal to be able to help someone else feel as wonderful as I did.”

— A bookseller you helped

“Because of your generosity we may still be in the fight. Without the check we surely would be in trouble. You helped us buy another month to scramble and fix whatCOVID-19 has destroyed. Again, thank you so much.”

— Comic store owner you helped


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