Pam French

Executive Director | Binc Foundation

Pam started her bookselling career in 1986 as a manager in training at Waldenbooks in Salt Lake City. That led to eight years of bookstore operation management and leadership. In 1993 she took a role with Borders to create a training and development department with three other longtime booksellers. She continued her book career by leading the internal communication and learning and development functions for Borders until 2008. In 2009 she took on the role of executive director of the Borders Group Foundation. After Borders liquidated in 2011 she led the effort to expand the Foundation to help booksellers in bricks and mortar stores nationwide. She continues to hold this role today.

Pam is a master gardener, and if she is a little late for work it is because she became distracted by her garden on her way to the car. She’s been known to arrive at the office with a little dirt on the knees of her pants. Outside or inside she also adores being with her dog, Lillie.

Pam’s Recommended Reads