Ken White

Program Manager | Binc Foundation

In 1991, Ken got his first job at an independent bookstore, while at university. He’s done pretty much any job there is in a store, from shelving books, promoting events, and management (aka herding cats). At some point in his 30s, he discovered he likes being a policy-wonk and has participated in several industry groups, including the American Booksellers Association board of directors.

Ken is passionate about the importance of independent bookstores and community spaces. Bookstores and comic bookstores are better than websites for discovering new titles, and they provide a strong sense of belonging. And, the more money spent locally, the more money stays local!

Ken’s interests are wide. He is an avid follower of the arts, including museums, theater, and music. He and his husband are also keen travelers and have been to some fairly out-of-the-way places, from Uruguay to Uzbekistan.

Ken identifies as QTPOC (a queer/trans person of color).

You can get in touch with Ken at

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