Jane Regenstreif

Office Coordinator | Binc Foundation

Jane has been supporting Binc since the very beginning in 1996, both as a contributor and volunteer. While working at Borders Books and Music, she worked in Human Resources and later in Store Operations. Now working at a nonprofit for the first time, Jane appreciates Binc’s mission to support booksellers, comic shop employees, and owners, and is excited to be back in closer touch with the book industry again.

Jane is an avid reader of mysteries, travel narratives, biographies, and art history. When not reading, Jane can be found planning her next trip! Her favorite places to date are Florence, Paris, Bali, Baja, the wilds of Alaska, and the shoreline of Lake Superior. In addition to working at Binc, Jane also happily works at Zingerman’s Mail Order – so each week Jane gets to talk about great food, and also help Binc do good.

A perfect day for Jane might look something like this – sipping morning coffee, looking out over a newly discovered skyline, walking through a new neighborhood to a museum, and sharing a wonderful meal and great glass of wine with friends.

To reach Jane, you can get in touch with her at jane@bincfoundation.org.

Jane’s Recommended Reads