Erika Mantz

Communication Coordinator | Binc Foundation

Before joining Binc in 2023 Erika spent more than 20 years in public higher education communications and marketing after working as a daily newspaper reporter. For more than a decade she volunteered with a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with brain injury and served on her town’s planning board. She is passionate about community–building it, supporting it and communicating the importance of it.

Erika brings a passion for books, bookstores, reading and libraries to Binc that began with a published book review in the local newspaper (Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective: strongly recommend) and her one and only trophy for reading the most books in the library’s summer reading program. A hand-written letter from Beverly Cleary remains a treasured document and visiting bookstores is a must while traveling.

Erika and her husband Jim enjoy living on the water in downeast Maine with their rescue dog Roly and 10 chickens named after literary women. When she isn’t reading Erika likes to knit, sew, cook, try new things and (attempt to) play piano.

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